Healthcare and Innovation

Leeds City Region offers a unique health ecosystem, combining local connectivity, nationally and internationally important institutions, and deep collaboration between private, public and voluntary sectors.

Four out of five NHS national offices are based in Leeds, including NHS England – the world’s largest single health commissioner – and some of the world’s largest healthcare data platforms – NHS Spine, NHS database, Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), EMIS and TPP.

This makes Leeds City Region the UK’s leading centre for healthcare and innovation and an international leader in commissioning and delivering integrated health and social care services.

The sector employs over 196,000 people in health and science jobs, supported by the region’s nine universities, which produce over 15,000 STEM graduates each year, and six world-leading life sciences clusters of academic excellence and commercial innovation.

These operate in the areas of diagnostics and personalised medicine, wound care and regenerative medicine, digital health and telecare, patient systems & health informatics, medical technologies, and drug discovery and pharmaceuticals.

Leeds City Region also offers the largest concentration of medical device companies in the UK, with a cluster of over 200 different businesses, accounting for a fifth of all UK digital health technology jobs.