Key growth sectors

Leeds City Region is a national leader in financial and professional services, digital technologies, manufacturing, and healthcare and innovation. Our long term strategic plan for the City Region focuses on continuing to build our strength in these areas, offering businesses an outstanding competitive edge.

Leeds City Region has firmly established itself as the UK’s leading centre for financial, legal and professional services, with over 30 national and international banks based here, and the UK’s fastest-growing legal sector.

Leeds City Region is a digital powerhouse, combining expertise in creative media, data analytics, cyber security, FinTech, telecoms, health and education technologies with innovative solutions to problems facing today’s businesses.

The region is home to an internationally-recognised healthcare and innovation ecosystem, with four out of five NHS national offices and some of the world’s largest healthcare data platforms based in Leeds, alongside world-leading life sciences clusters of academic excellence and commercial innovation.

The City Region also enjoys a global reputation for its advanced manufacturing, R&D and product development capabilities, generating more than £7 billion a year. This is supported by strong links between business and academic communities to foster the next generation of manufacturing and engineering leaders. 

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Leeds City Region’s key growth sectors

  1. Healthcare and Innovation

    Leeds City Region offers a unique health ecosystem, combining local connectivity, nationally and internationally important institutions, and deep collaboration between private, public and voluntary sectors.

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  2. Manufacturing

    Leeds City Region has the highest concentration of high-value manufacturers in the UK, combining academic and research centres of manufacturing excellence with a worldwide reputation for technical and scientific capabilities.

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  3. Digital Technologies

    Leeds City Region is fast emerging as a UK and international digital powerhouse. Its tech sector contributes £6.5 billion to the city region’s economy and is a leader in creative media, data analytics, cyber security, FinTech, telecoms, health and education technologies.

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