The Mayor's Innovation Prize

The 2022 Mayor's Innovation Prize is here! Calling all passionate, creative young people of West Yorkshire - join us to develop ideas to address the key challenges facing us all, including waste reduction and sustainable travel. Gain support, skills, resources and the chance to win a share of the £10 000 cash prize to turn your idea into a business.

Applications are now open until 22 January 2023

What is the prize?

At a time when we’re facing increasing challenges (including the rising cost of living, energy crisis and climate crisis), we need creative solutions the most. Whilst solutions will require technical know-how from experts, the ideas behind them can come from anywhere - particularly those most affected!

This prize is open to 16-26 year olds to use their unique experiences and perspectives to generate new ideas to address the challenges that are affecting them and their communities. It creates an opportunity to bring young people together with experts and businesses to build, not only innovation ecosystems, but exciting ideas into viable business opportunities.

Who can take part?

Any 16-26 year olds currently living, working or studying within West Yorkshire. That’s it.

  • You don’t have to have a fully formed idea - we’ll help you shape this as we go through the competition.
  • You don’t need certain qualifications - this isn’t based on education or work experience. We’re all experts of our own experience and have valuable contributions to make.
  • You do need passion and enthusiasm - we will be looking for can-do, self motivated attitude and commitment to go through the process.

A place that is globally recognised for developing an open, inclusive, thriving and coherent innovation ecosystem.

Tracy Brabin Mayor of West Yorkshire, Speaking about West Yorkshire

Ready to change the world?

Then it's time to share your idea.

We are looking for any ideas that address any of the climate challenges West Yorkshire faces, i.e. tackling the decline of our natural environment, the transition to clean energy, efficient energy use or increasing flood resilience. 

We have heard from young people that sustainable travel and waste reduction are two things that they care about. Is that what interests you? If so, the questions below may be useful prompts to help your thinking.              

Sustainable Travel

In West Yorkshire, the transport sector produces more carbon emissions than any other sector. To reduce emissions will require a fundamental change in how we travel.

How might we make sustainable travel easier? You might come up with ideas which focus on greener ways to travel, or making public transport, cycling and walking more appealing.                                               

Waste reduction and reuse

The UK produces 100 million tons of waste a year including food waste, plastics, textiles and electrical items. To impact on this, we need to radically change how we view waste. How can we find new ways to prevent, reuse and recycle waste in West Yorkshire?

You might come up with ideas to help businesses, households or schools produce less waste. Waste could also be reduced by lending, sharing, reusing, repairing, remaking or recycling.

Need some inspiration? Here are a couple of ideas to help you.

The On'T meter bus app

The planned obsolescence campaign

Your application consists of two elements: 

The application form
The form requests information about you/the team. Please ensure information is filled in for each team member. Team members cannot be added to the team during the process, so if somebody isn’t listed at this stage they will not be able to join. 

Application form

Your idea - which you can submit via one of the following formats: 

A video - MP4 - no longer than 2 minutes 

A slide presentation - no more than 3 slides

A written document - no more than 300 words

You should explain: 

> The specific problem you are addressing

> What your idea is and how it will work

> The impact or change your idea will bring about

> How does your solution stand out from competitors

Both the application form and idea should be uploaded to DropBox at the same time via the button below. When they have been received, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours (48 hours at the weekend).

Please review the Terms and Conditions before you submit your idea. There is a tick box on the application form which you need to check to indicate that you have read and understand the terms and conditions.

Submit your idea


Support and information

Find resources to help you in your idea formation, application and beyond if you are shortlisted.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Professional Support & Connections

    Training sessions, mentoring and guidance to support you in shaping your challenge.
  2. Peer Network

    A community of like minded peers, working on developing their own ideas.
  3. Cash Prize

    A chance to win prize money (a share of £10,000) and further support to implement the winning idea(s) into a business

Contact Us

If you have any issues downloading the application form or submitting your application, get in touch on email: