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  1. LEP Solar panels

    BLOG: An introduction to the Circular Economy


    • 14 October 2020

    We catch up with Amir Sharif, Associate Dean (International & Accreditations) & Professor of Circular Economy at the University of Bradford, to learn more about how new ways of thinking about waste can help businesses become more environmentally sustainable, support the economic recovery and save money.

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  2. The main barriers to innovation


    • 30 September 2020

    Innovation is fundamental for businesses as we adapt and change the way we work. Now more than ever due to the pandemic, businesses in every sector are having to do things differently.

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  3. Leeds Digital Festival


    • 10 September 2020

    During this autumn’s festival, we ran three events which focused on promoting the support and funding we offer to digital businesses; exploring the future of tech with global companies and explaining how businesses can become more innovative.

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