Small businesses urged to take advantage of immediate free training offer


Businesses that invest in the skills of their workforce outperform their competitors. That is a proven fact.

With support from the Skills Funding Agency and the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) - Leeds City College and partners are providing small companies in the region with free training and advice to help develop their staff and grow their businesses.

The "Response Project" aims to support employers across the Leeds City Region by providing support and bespoke advice on a whole range of training matters. This could include taking on an apprentice, coaching and mentoring or enabling existing employees to gain new skills so they can support business growth plans.

A Strategic Group made up of employers, Chambers of Commerce and business in the Leeds City Region has been set up to oversee the delivery of the project.

The group is chaired by Tom Keeney from BT and is focussed on ensuring that the small businesses take advantage of this fantastic offer. Tom outlined:

"99.5% of businesses in the Leeds City Region employ less than 250 people. They are the engine of our economy and the employers of the vast majority of the 1.3m workforce. Improving their employees’ skills will improve their businesses, create jobs and deliver growth and I urge every small business to get involved."

The Response project has been developed to help deliver the Leeds City Region skills priorities identified by the Local Enterprise Partnership. It aims to promote the employment of young people and support the progression of individuals with low skills throughout the Leeds City Region.

To find out more about the Response Project and how you can access support, please contact the Response team at 0113 3087974 or via the website