Royal seal of approval for pioneering Yorkshire company

A life changing Yorkshire silicone adhesive that has received funding support from the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP), has been awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise, the UK’s most prestigious business accolade.

Privately-owned Trio Healthcare of Gargrave Road, Broughton, was presented the award under the Innovation category for its breakthrough patented silicone technology, which is improving the lives of ostomates around the world.

Over the last few years the company has received support from the LEP through the Access Innovation programme and Medilink North of England, a membership based representative body dedicated to the growth of the Healthcare Technologies sector.

Lloyd Pearce, Managing Director of Trio, said: “Thank you to all the organisations such as the LEP who have supported our development over the last few years."

“Too many people around the world were suffering from leakage and irritated skin, so as a company we have made it our mission to provide an alternative solution. Our products offer reassurance and comfort, so the wearer can get on with their everyday lives without fear of sore skin.”

Roger Marsh, OBE Chair of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership said:

“I am delighted to hear that Leeds City Region based Trio Healthcare is leading the way in developing innovative and advanced medical technologies and has won the prestigious Queens Award in recognition of their achievements.

“Innovation is key to driving economic growth and the LEP has a package of advice and funding available for businesses developing new products and processes. I am very pleased we have been able to support Trio Healthcare as it develops life enhancing healthcare solutions.”

The Queen’s Awards are presented each year by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her birthday, 21st April, on the advice of the Prime Minister, assisted by an advisory committee comprising representatives of Government, industry, commerce and the trade unions. The company will attend a reception at Buckingham Palace in June, hosted by HRH Prince of Wales.

This is the second time Trio Healthcare have been the recipients of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. In 2011 they were awarded the Queen’s Award - International Trade. The company have offices in both Buckinghamshire and North Yorkshire.

Abdominal stomas are surgically created intestinal openings which are a result of treating conditions such as colorectal and bladder cancer, Crohn’s or colitis. The stoma outputs body waste such as faeces and urine which is then collected in an odour-proof bag. At one time or another, all ostomates will suffer from leakage, which has a dramatic impact on their social life and psychological wellbeing.

To combat this, Trio has developed a unique secure silicone adhesive that can be used around the stoma to provide an instant but secure adhesion to the skin. The company’s R&D team have focused on using a non-hydrocolloid technology based on silicone polymers, which historically was viewed by the industry as ‘not suitable for ostomy applications’ due to its hydrophobic gel-like chemical structure.

By modifying the chemical make-up of the silicone gel, Trio has developed a secure but comfortable solution that allows the skin to breathe normally, even perspire, whilst maintaining a secure connection. The patented formulation leaves no residue and its hydrophobic nature prevents absorption of any faeces or urine providing a complete barrier, which allows the skin to naturally heal underneath.

The development of the pioneering technology – which is manufactured in house -has enabled Trio to launch a revolutionary range of silicone-based accessory products in an industry dominated by hydrocolloid. These products are seen as a precursor to the natural next phase of ostomy products coming out of Trio’s pipeline. The company is currently in the development phase of a new, innovative ostomy system to complete the range.

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