New report shows the benefit of apprenticeships

A new report by the Leeds City Region Partnership and Chambers of Commerce has shown the benefit of apprenticeships.

This report has looked into current trends and provides an overview of :

• the number of apprentices employed within the Leeds City Region
• why the majority of businesses are not recruiting apprentices
• what factors or assistance businesses may need to hire apprentices
• the reasons for businesses recruiting apprentices

According to our survey, only one-fifth (21%) of respondents currently employ apprentices, and just 8% of micro businesses. Even among those firms that do, the numbers are typically no more than a handful in each company.

Manufacturing firms – traditionally the main users of apprentices alongside construction trades – are more likely than those in service industries to have apprentices, but even so, two-thirds of manufacturing companies have no apprentices.The key question looking forward is how to persuade more companies to take on apprentices, and also how to tackle any perceived barriers that exist.

The Leeds City Region LEP recently launched its five three one campaign to encourage more companies to invest in skills and training.

Apprenticeships are at the heart of the campaign, and referral processes have been simplified making it easier for businesses to take apprentices on.