New jobs and homes for Glasshoughton


Waystone today confirmed they have reached an agreement with the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) to receive £2.8m loan funding for the third phase of the Glasshoughton site.

Stuart McLoughlin, Managing Director of Waystone Limited explained that "the Glasshoughton project had benefited from previous public sector loans making possible the transformation of the former colliery and coking works in a successful public private sector partnership that had already lasted 16 years. This latest funding allocation will assist in the delivery of the third and final phase and extend the partnership for the benefit of the community."

The £2.8 million loan investment will be used to develop 50 acres on the southern side of the railway in Glasshoughton, to create sites for future business opportunities and over 200 new homes. Waystone estimate that the site, known as "Super G," has considerable job potential and in the long run could provide new employment opportunities for 1500 people in the local area.

Motorpoint of Derby, has already agreed to take 7 acres for a new car supermarket, for which planning consent has already been granted, ensuring that the site will be an immediate success. Housing developers, Taylor Wimpey have agreed to take a further 16 acres and planning consent has been granted for 238 much needed family homes to be built over several years.

Roger Marsh, Chair of the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership said:

"Super G demonstrates that funding from the Leeds City Region’s Growing Places Fund is having a direct impact on the city region economy and I am delighted that once again the LEP is supporting new business opportunities."

"Without this funding, it is unlikely this project would be off the ground which highlights the relevance of the LEP to the regional economy and job creation."

Tom Hawley, Area Manager at the Homes and Communities Agency said:

"It is great news that the public sector is able to help kick start the next phase of private sector driven economic growth at Glasshoughton. This area has seen real transformation over the last decade thanks to the public-private partnership with Waystone 32 and our previous investment of £9.6m from the National Coalfields Programme. These new jobs and homes will make a real difference to local people and will build upon the 3,800 jobs already created."

Super G is set to enhance the extensive, award winning mixed use development that has at its heart the major visitor attraction, the Xscape retail and leisure complex.