LEP Chair looks back on successful 2012


Neil McLean, Chair of the Leeds City Region LEP, looks back on what the Partnership has achieved over the past 12 months:

“This year we have seen the start of real devolution of powers from government, manifested in a set of tools to help businesses make the most of opportunities for growth and expansion here and abroad.

"We have secured more than £84 million of funding for our businesses and our successful online business support tools and campaigns have helped numerous businesses in areas such as exporting, skills, employment and funding opportunities. Our support for business through successful Regional Growth Fund bids and our own RGF Programmes , together with our first awards from the LEP's Growing Places Fund , are now starting to make a real difference.

We will be making more funding available to SMEs and companies in our key growth sectors in the months to come. This coupled with the implementation of the City Deal and collaborative work across the City Region and beyond will set the scene for a prosperous New Year for our businesses and the economy.”

Summary of our achievements in 2012

Being part of the City Deal, which includes:

  • a £400m investment plan
  • the development of an Apprentice Hub and ATA in a £4.6m package
  • a review to consider establishing a Combined Authority for WY
  • an agreement to establish 10 year WY Plus Transport Fund of at least £1bn

Business support

  • Supporting businesses developing and submitting bids to the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) round 3 (circa 70 business provided with advice and 17 applications endorsed by the LEP) which resulted in the City Region obtaining £14m
  • Developing, submitting and commencing delivery of successful LCR RGF round 3 programmes (totalling £20m in addition to the £14m obtained for other projects)
  • Developing and delivering the Growing Places Fund allocation of £36m
  • Launch of the We are International export campaign
  • Launch of online business support tools
  • Working with Yorkshire Universities to develop opportunities for innovation support and to make the most of HEI assets

Employment and Skills activity including:

  • Skills Partnership Agreement signed with 14 FE colleges and 9 universities, LEP Skills Research, Skills Conference held in June, five three one campaign 150 companies signed;
  • Running the five three one campaign to increase apprenticeships and mentoring amongst other


  • Developing and delivering the Green Deal Go Early Pilots worth £2.6m
  • Detailed work with local authorities to put in place new arrangements for strategic planning,
  • Marketing the City Region inward investment offer at various UK and overseas events including City Week 2012, Unfold and, jointly with Sheffield City Region, at OMTEC and Advamed