Leeds station to be transformed into a high speed transport hub

Responding to today’s announcement of the ambitious plans to redevelop Leeds Station into an integrated high-speed transport hub for the whole of the Yorkshire region, Roger Marsh, Chair of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and a former member of the HS2 Growth Taskforce said:

“Today’s announcement of the creation of a “Yorkshire Hub” in Leeds is great news for the whole of Leeds City Region.

“Along with other partners, a one station solution for Leeds is something I lobbied long and hard for when I was a member of the national HS2 Growth Taskforce. As well as heralding significant new investment and jobs in the region, by integrating the new HS2 station with the existing regional and Transpennine network this announcement is also a major boost to our ambition of creating the intra-regional, inter-city and international transport links that our City Region needs to become globally competitive and realise its full economic potential.”

To download a copy of the report by the Chair of HS2 Ltd, Sir David Higgins, detailing his recommendation to the Government for how to remodel Leeds station to accommodate future high-speed rail as well as boosting connections within Leeds City Region and beyond, see https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-yorkshire-hub-an-interim-report-on-the-redevelopment-of-leeds-station

You can read the full story here.