Leeds City Region LEP: response to Spending Review announcement

Further to the Chancellor’s Spending Review announcement yesterday and the Chief Secretary’s further announcement on devolution today, the incoming Chair of the Leeds City Region Partnership, Roger Marsh, comments:

“We welcome the creation of a Single Local Growth Fund for LEPs and plans for further devolution as announced today by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury”.

“The total national sum allocated to the SLGF by government is less than we had hoped. But if the Leeds City Region Partnership can win a sizeable allocation from the pot, as well as have control over EU funds and the new money announced for the Regional Growth Fund, then we can, as a LEP, make a big contribution to growth and jobs in our economy. To that effect we welcome the competitive process of bidding with the view of gaining the greatest possible share of funding for our city region economy”.

“We alongside Government agree that LEPs should be at the very heart of driving growth and with the right support we have the potential to deliver considerable results. The Partnership has made considerable progress in developing the governance and working arrangements the government has asked for in order to devolve more powers. We will continue to work with Government to bring forward plans for the maximum appropriate devolution of funding and looking forward to working with partners, LEPs, government and its departments to deliver our plans for economic prosperity”.