Leeds City Region Business Survey 2015


The LEP has commissioned a business survey ahead of the implementation of its £1bn Local Growth Deal.

The LEP has secured the largest Growth Deal with government for any area in England. From 1st April, around £1 billion is available to invest in projects and programmes that will help grow the Leeds City Region economy. This includes providing support to businesses, ensuring they have access to the advice and finance they need to grow. The Growth Deal will also support investment in education and skills to equip the workforce with the capabilities businesses need, as well as investment in infrastructure such as transport and housing.

The LEP has commissioned a business survey to help develop a better understanding of the climate in which businesses in Leeds City Region are operating, their confidence, investment experiences and intentions. By getting a clearer picture of the challenges facing businesses, and by understanding their growth ambitions, we will be able to target the £1bn of Growth Deal funding where it can be of most benefit to businesses and the economy. 3,000 businesses in all sectors will be surveyed across the 10 local authorities that comprise Leeds City Region. City of York and Kirklees Councils are making a financial contribution to increase the number of companies surveyed in their area.

BMG Research will be carrying out the survey on our behalf. They will be contacting businesses by phone during February and March 2015. By taking part, businesses will help better inform us of the key challenges across the City Region as a whole. It also provides an opportunity to understand participating businesses’ growth ambitions and consider the support available to help them achieve those aims. For example, one aspect of our Growth Deal is an extension of our successful business grant programme, which has already provided grants to over 300 businesses, helping them to expand and create jobs.

The survey will be completely confidential, but the LEP and the relevant local authority would like to be able to re-contact those participants who state they would be interested in further information about the business support opportunities available to them.

A summary of the survey results will be published on our website when available.

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You can find out more about Leeds City Region’s Growth Deal by clicking here.
If you would like further information on the Business Survey, please contact James Hopton at james.hopton@leeds.gov.uk or on 07712 215037.