Business and residents encouraged to demand better broadband for West Yorkshire


Businesses and residents across West Yorkshire are being encouraged to register their demand for better broadband access and coverage in their area via a new web portal that is being launched this week at

The project is being driven forward by the Leeds City Region Partnership and the five West Yorkshire authorities and aims to support the improvement of broadband coverage and access in areas that have minimal or no coverage, including rural areas.

Councillor Keith Wakefield, Chair of the Association of West Yorkshire Authorities, said:

"Through the West Yorkshire Local Broadband project we will be able to make a substantial investment in the digital infrastructure of the area. We feel that with so many public services being delivered online it is essential that all our residents have access to decent broadband.

“People now have a chance to register their demand for better broadband so I’d like to encourage businesses and residents across West Yorkshire to make their voices heard’.

The West Yorkshire Broadband campaign is part of a wider effort to help boost the local economy by improving the way people access the internet and online services. It is also aimed at supporting businesses and the way they operate by improving their efficiency and competitiveness.

Roger Marsh, Chair of the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, said:

“Access to decent broadband keeps coming back as one of the barriers our city region businesses face when it comes to setting up and expanding. We now have the opportunity to address some of these issues through this project.

“We recognise the importance of digital infrastructure in economic competitiveness. As part of the Partnership’s wider digital infrastructure strategy we therefore seek to deliver targeted activities to enhance our digital offer to business and communities.

“It is therefore essential that both business and residents take the opportunity to register their need for better broadband - enabling us to identify and prioritise the investment to be made under this project.”

The project will receive funding from both local and national government, the European Union and the private sector totalling approximately £15 million and is due to be completed in the summer of 2015.

To register your demand for better broadband please visit