250 members and counting, five things you can do to grow your business

250 businesses have joined the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership's (LEP) five three one initiative and the list is growing by the day.

Companies from across the City Region have already seen their business grow as a result of joining the initiative, reporting increased profits and profitability and better business performance.

Companies who join five three one are given free support from employment and skills specialists to enable them to:

  • Develop a skilled workforce
  • Mentor a budding entrepreneur
  • Build links with education
  • Offer work placements to unemployed people
  • Offer an apprenticeship

Five three one enables businesses to grow by developing the skill set of our 1.3m workforce, whilst enabling those out of work to compete in the labour market by ensuring they have the necessary skills to do so.

The 250 companies who have joined five three one represent more than 200,000 employees in the city region. The positive action of these companies has an economic value of up to £5.3m to the region.

Speaking about five three one, Charles Denham, Sustainability Manager at Premier Farnell said:

“Five three one brings scores of benefits to our business. It raises our company profile and helps to establish a positive association with our business.”

Lucy Noonan, Business Development Manager at Harris Construction Management added:

“Our company’s productivity and competiveness in the market place has really improved.”

To see a list of five three one members, please click here.

If you would like to become a five three one member and take advantage of this free service please click here or contact lcr@leedscityregion.gov.uk