Leeds City Region Building for Success at MIPIM

Momentum is building ahead of the UK’s largest property and investment conference as the Leeds City Region announced it has secured substantial private sector support for MIPIM UK 2017.

Support for the Leeds City Region’s presence has grown over recent years and a successful MIPIM UK 2017 and MIPIM 2018 is viewed by both the public and private sector as vital to maintaining the region’s international profile. This has ensured early support from a number of key businesses to the MIPIM campaign.

Caddick Developments, Munroe K, Scarborough Group International and Town Centre Securities have boosted their support for the City Region’s attendance at both MIPIM UK 2017 in October and MIPIM 2018 in March.

Roger Marsh OBE, Chair of Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, which organises the City Region’s presence at MIPIM, commented:

“Recent months have seen our region recognised nationally and internationally as a location with momentum that is delivering results; this includes the EY Attractiveness Survey 2017 highlighting Yorkshire and the Humber as the fastest growing destination for FDI in the North, Lonely Planet naming Leeds a must visit destination for tourists and the Hepworth being awarded the title of Museum of the year 2017.

“I am excited that the region’s key developers have once again agreed to be part of the City Region’s delegation in order to capitalise on this momentum and raise awareness of our region internationally. I believe firmly that as a result of the continued partnership working between the public and private sector, we are seeing increasing levels of interest in the region, and securing investments such as those recently announced by Burberry and Covance. I look forward to working with all our partners as we move forward to ensure we deliver the City Region’s most ambitious programme of activity to date!”

Lee Savage, UK Director of Developments at Moda Living part of the Caddick Group added:

“Caddick Group and Moda Living are delighted to once again pledge their support to the Leeds City Region MIPIM delegation. MIPIM 2017 provided us with a global platform to raise awareness of our key development plans amongst senior investors and decision makers and also support the region, helping to raise its profile on the global stage which MIPIM offers.”

Richard Lewis, Property Director at Town Centre Securities said:

“The strong commitment by both the public and private sectors is the key factor in Leeds City Region’s presence at what is not just a property conference but has become one of the leading economic development conferences in the world. As such we are pleased to stand with colleagues from across the region in order to highlight the confidence and momentum which our region is currently experiencing, together with our ambitions for the future.”

Simon Marshall, Joint Chief Executive at Scarborough International Properties, said:

“We consider MIPIM to be a very powerful platform on which to present the Northern Powerhouse agenda for which our own Thorpe Park Leeds development is a flagship. We are delighted to stand side by side with the public and private sector to showcase the tremendous opportunities presented in the Leeds City Region.”

To find out how you can support Leeds City Region at MIPIM UK 2016 or MIPIM 2017, visit investleedscityregion.com/lcratmipim.