If you’re a digital business based in Leeds City Region, then you could qualify for grant funding of £10,000 to £50,000 through the LEP’s City Region Digital Investment Fund.

Leeds City Region Digital Investment Fund

This new fund has been developed to support businesses within the digital and tech sector who are looking to grow their business within the UK’s digital heartland. Find out more here or by contacting the team at businessgrowth@the-lep.com or calling 0113 348 1818.

How to apply

Please complete our enquiry form to check if your project is eligible. Our team will contact you within five working days to discuss your project or provide guidance on completing the application form.

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Your business could be eligible for a grant contribution of between £10,000 - £50,000 if you meet the following criteria:

  • operates in the digital sector, specifically the priority sub-sectors*
  • are based in Leeds City Region
  • has been trading for at least 12 months, operating from commercial premises
  • has an eligible capital investment project of £20,000 or above
  • is creating at least one full time, permanent job in the City Region
  • can demonstrate financial viability of the project and the need for grant support
  • has private finance available; either cash reserves, bank lending, or other commercial finance to invest alongside the grant
  • currently generates over 50% of turnover from trading with other businesses, or, demonstrate how the grant-supported project will lead to this

* Priority digital sub sectors: IT, Software and Hardware; Creative industries (creative content and creative services, when the business generates the majority of its turnover from digital services); Cyber Securities and Data Protection Technologies; Smart Technology, Smart Cities, Internet of Things and New Technologies

The following businesses are not eligible for support under #Grow: marketing agencies, businesses that are investing in digital technologies but do not fall within the priority digital subsectors outlined above (e.g. a manufacturing business investing in industrial IoT). In addition, projects involving the purchase of property to sublease are not eligible.

Our team can save you time by simplifying the support and explaining what is relevant to your business. 


We can help you to:

  • Stay ahead of the game by developing new products and services
  • Employ young people and apprentices
  • Develop skills and a training plan
  • Explore your finance options
  • Save money through resource efficiency
  • Provide discounted and sustainable travel options for staff

Inclusive growth:

As part of the LEP’s commitment to delivering inclusive growth that benefits everyone, we have introduced new measures to encourage businesses to maximise their positive impact on the region.

If you receive a grant of £25,000 or over, you will be expected to make additional inclusive growth commitments. There are lots of different ways businesses can get on board, from volunteering in a local school to becoming a real Living Wage employer.

Additionally, businesses receiving a grant of less than £25,000 are encouraged to volunteer to undertake an inclusive growth commitment.

The LEP and its network of partners can help you to access several products and services that will help businesses to take these positive actions. Initial guidance and advice on these commitments are available here.

To find out more watch our latest case studies and our animation, which shows how easy it is to work with us:

Find out more about the Leeds City Region Digital Investment Fund

To find out more call (+44) 0113 348 1818 or email businessgrowth@the-lep.com or download the brochure