Propel your business internationally

Based on Annabelle Beckwith's bestselling book ‘Get Your Peas In A Row – 5 key factors to propel your business forward’.

5 key factors to propel your business internationally

This webinar provides businesses with key factors to consider when expanding into new markets.


Wednesday 27 January, 9am - 11am

What can I expect?

This session covers five factors (personal, purpose, people, processes and paradigms) that will form the foundation of your global international aspirations.  

  • Personal – what does leading an international business require of you?
  • Purpose – why there, and why now? For whom? And with what?
  • People – who do you need, and where are they?
  • Processes – do they do things differently?
  • Paradigms – working with a culture that’s ‘someone else’s normal’


This forms part of a series of webinars being delivered by Greenborough Management Limited on behalf of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP), to help businesses continue operations after the EU Exit.