Car club and car share

Car club and car share Two ways of reducing traffic on the roads are to car or lift share, and just hire a car when you need one.

Enterprise Car Club

Joining a car club gives you the use of a car just for the time you need it.

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Member employees with an Annual MCard can benefit from joining the Enterprise Car Club for personal use at just £1 a year (saving £59 annually).

Enterprise Car Club provides members with quick and easy access to a car or van for short term hire (from as little as half an hour). Members make use of car club vehicles as and when they need them. A range of vehicle types are available to suit the journey – vans, smaller city cars, 7 seaters and estates.

The process is simple:

Reserve - for as little as half an hour at a time either online, by iPhone app or over the phone. Reservations can be made well ahead of time or with only a few minutes’ notice.

Unlock - vehicles are located at designated parking bays in the local area and accessed using the member’s smart card, MCard or iPhone app.

Drive – the driver enters a PIN and drives away, returning the vehicle at the end of the journey. It is possible to extend the booking if necessary.

Pay - Pay-as-you-go charges include fuel, insurance and maintenance costs. A subscription charge is paid monthly or annually.

Lift share

Lift sharing allows you to cut the costs of travel by sharing your journeys with others. You can find a car sharing match for free on the Liftshare website (opens in new tab).

Benefits of car sharing

  • The costs of fuel and parking is shared.
  • It’s easy and saves time - if it's not your turn to drive you can do other tasks on the way to work.
  • It’s fun and friendly - you can socialise with your friends.
  • It’s better for the environment, as it reduces congestion and pollution.
  • You can take advantage of lanes for cars carrying 2+ people so you can by-pass traffic and get to your destination quicker.
  • Sharing just one journey a week can save you money and reduce congestion and pollution, making West Yorkshire a better place to work, live and visit!

Other ways to car share

You could start your own by asking your workmates, friends, family and neighbours if they are going in the same direction as you.
Ask your employer if they have their own car share database.

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