Business relocation: How can we help?

Relocation assistance is available to Travel Plan Network members.

Relocating a business is exciting and can be an immense challenge. There may be statutory requirements for the business and it can be a source of emotional upheaval for employees, especially if the new location requires a change in how they travel to work. 

Employees may have concerns about additional fuel or ticket costs, new routes or managing personal commitments. 

We have substantial experience in travel planning in West Yorkshire and have developed a relocation package to assist employees and organisations - and the service is FREE to Travel Plan Network members.

How we can help

Our package follows three easy steps and a Business Travel Advisor will be on hand to help you along the way.

Step 1: Choosing the right location

There are many factors to consider when choosing a new site for business, and ensuring your site is accessible for employees is key. Our free mapping facility can assess potential sites in relation to where your employees live, access to public transport and journey times.

Step 2: Helping your employees make the change

We will review the new location and identify the most likely modes of transport for your employees. This may be a combination of public transport, walking, cycling and car sharing. 

Your Business Travel Advisor will create a package of tools and information to help your employees, which may include:

-   Sustainable travel guide 
-   Leaflets and timetables
-   Free bus/train taster tickets (subject to funding)
-   Advice on walking, cycling and car sharing
-   Colleague events
-   Journey Planning support for colleagues

To help encourage more employees to travel by bus and rail, our members are entitled to offer the discounted Corporate Annual MCard scheme to their employees. 

Step 3: Once the move is complete

After the move you may still have employees who are struggling to get to work, perhaps other issues such as overcrowded car parks have developed, or you are trying to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint. Your Business Travel Advisor will support your Co-ordinator to resolve this.

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