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We’re here to help you learn what it takes to become your own boss and start a business. Sign up to a fully funded Explore Enterprise online course to find out if owning a business is the right career choice for you.

Explore Enterprise

From perfecting your ideas and identifying the support available to you, to thinking about how you can attract and retain customers, we can help you understand what you need to do to turn your ideas into a reality. 

So why not join one of our FULLY FUNDED Explore Enterprise courses, delivered in partnership with Digital Remit? No business experience or plan is required – just bring your ideas!

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I’ve never run my own business, I felt it was important to get the guidance, learning and support to help start up my own enterprise.

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Here's what we'll teach you

The course is made up of five informal workshops. You have the option to complete the course over five weeks or you can choose an intensive course where all five workshops are delivered over one weekend. Alternatively, if you can't make a course, we'll send you course resources so that you can learn in your own time!

What is covered in the workshops?

Workshop 1 - Your decision

  • Group discussions around business ideas
  • Find motivation and build your confidence
  • Share ideas with a likeminded group of people

Workshop 3 - Your support

  • Explore the opportunities and challenges facing a new business
  • Identify the wide range of support available
  • Reframe your idea of ‘failure’ as an opportunity to learn

Workshop 5 - Your first customers

  • Learn about the importance of the customer journey
  • Think about how to attract customers and ensure they return
  • Understand the role of marketing, sales, and customer relationship management

Workshop 2 - Your idea

  • Identify, clarify and articulate your business idea
  • Find the ‘why, how and what’ of your business idea
  • Explore how your idea will create value to your customers

Workshop 4 - Your first steps

  • Identify the practical steps needed to set up a business
  • Understand legal structures, contracts, insurance and more
  • Get advice from those who have set up their own business

Simply sign up to a fully funded course and we'll help you learn in a way that suits you. 

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