Guidance for Training Providers

If you are the preferred training provider for a business located in the Leeds City Region, seeking 100% apprenticeship funding through a levy transfer, contact the Apprenticeship levy support service to register the apprenticeship(s) on behalf of the business.

We can help match you to an apprenticeship levy paying business

If you are a training provider wishing to register apprenticeships please complete the form.

Are you a training provider seeking to secure apprenticeship funding?

If your organisation is the preferred training provider for a Leeds City Region business seeking to secure 100% apprenticeship funding.

You can register the apprenticeship(s) on the Apprenticeship Levy Support service on the business’ behalf.

Businesses seeking levy transfer funding, must ask their training provider to register the apprenticeship(s) on their behalf.

What Happens Next?

The Levy Support Team will then aim to facilitate an introduction between your organisation and a levy business, willing to discuss an apprenticeship levy transfer.

Before contacting us please read our FAQs which includes information about what businesses are eligible to use the service.

Training providers are also reminded of ESFA’s Apprenticeship Funding Rules for Employers, in particular rule E203, concerning the receiving business’ eligibility.

Important - Businesses seeking apprenticeship funding are unable to register their apprenticeship funding needs directly. Registration must be via their preferred training provider. Find our more information for businesses.

We can help match you to an apprenticeship levy paying business

If you are a training provider wishing to register apprenticeships please complete the form.

Step 1 - Registering an apprenticeship(s)

Training providers complete the training provider contact form to notify the Levy Support team they have an apprenticeship(s) to register.

On receipt the levy transfer registration form will be emailed to you. It will be password protected and a second email will follow containing the password.

Please complete and return to Levy Support Team. Do not include any personal data in your response.

Important - Only apprenticeship standards can be registered but they can be at any level and from any sector. The business seeking a levy transfer must also be based in Leeds City Region. See FAQs for more information.

On receipt, details of the apprenticeship(s) will be logged on the Levy Transfer Register in order of date of receipt.

Step 2 - Levy transfer Introductions

The Levy Support Team will aim to facilitate introductions between training providers and levy businesses, on a first come, first served basis, based on date of entry of the apprenticeship(s) on the Levy Transfer Register.

An introductory email will introduce the training provider and levy business to each other via an introductory email. This allows both parties to contact each other directly to arrange a meeting, to discuss and hopefully agree a levy transfer.

Important - Some levy businesses may stipulate that they will only consider a levy transfer to a business within their sector. We have no influence over this or its potential impact on facilitating introductions.

We will endeavour to facilitate introductions, so training providers and levy businesses can discuss a potential transfer, but we cannot guarantee a transfer will be agreed.

Step 3 – After the levy transfer discussion

Once the levy transfer discussions are completed, the training provider should contact the Levy Support team via email to confirm the outcome of the discussion. The email should include the following information:

If a levy transfer was agreed:  

  • The amount of the levy transfer agreed
  • When the transfer is expected to take place
  • An updated levy transfer registration form confirming which apprenticeship(s) will be funded by the transfer

If a levy transfer was not agreed:

  • Confirmation that the levy was not agreed and a brief explanation why
  • Confirmation that support is still needed from the Levy Support team to facilitate an introduction to another levy business

Get in touch for advice or support

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