Apprenticeship Levy Support FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Apprenticeship Levy Support Service

1. Are there geographical restrictions on where the LEP’s Apprentice Levy Support service is available?

The training provider does not have to be based in Leeds City Region. However, the business must be located in Leeds City Region and therefore fall within the local authority areas of Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield and York. The apprentice(s), when employed, must also work at a site within one of these local authorities.


2. Are there any restrictions on the types of apprenticeships that can be registered with the service?

Training providers may contact us, on behalf of a business, to register the business’ apprenticeship(s), seeking funding via a levy transfer. The apprenticeship(s) must be a standard not a framework but can be from any sector and at any level. Businesses asking training providers to register an apprenticeship on their behalf must be located in West Yorkshire or York, and the apprentice(s), when employed, must work at a site within the these areas.

Apprenticeship frameworks will not be accepted as they cannot be funded via levy transfers.

Some levy businesses may stipulate that they will only consider a levy transfer to a business within their sector. We have no influence over this or its potential impact on facilitating introductions.

Businesses cannot register an apprenticeship(s) seeking funding via a levy transfer directly with the Apprenticeship Levy Support Service. The business’ preferred training provider must register the apprenticeship(s) on its behalf. Find out more information for businesses

3. Can any business ask a training provider to register an apprenticeship in need of funding with the Apprentice Levy Support service?

Yes, so long as the business is located in Leeds City Region and therefore falls within the local authority areas of Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield and York. The apprentice(s), when employed, must also work at a site within one of these local authorities.

The business can be a levy payer or a non-levy payer. Only levy-paying businesses can make a levy transfer but any business can receive and use transferred funds.

We anticipate that the majority of businesses seeking apprenticeship funding via the Apprenticeship Levy Support service will be non-levy paying businesses. However, if a levy paying business approaches their preferred training provider but has insufficient levy funds of their own to fund the apprenticeship(s), the training provider can contact us to register the apprenticeship on the business’ behalf via our website.

4. Why can’t businesses register directly with the Apprentice Levy Support, if they are seeking apprenticeship funding via a levy transfer?

We are asking training providers to contact us, rather than businesses, in recognition of their expertise in supporting businesses to use the digital apprenticeship service, particularly on-boarding businesses onto the system. Businesses are likely to need support with any agreed levy transfer and training providers are perfectly placed to provide that support.

Training providers must provide details of the apprenticeship(s), including level, cost and the name of the business seeking a levy transfer on the levy transfer registration form. This is available from the Levy Support Team by completing the training provider contact form.

5. We registered apprenticeships with you weeks ago but we haven’t matched to a levy business yet. How long do we have to wait?

We cannot guarantee a levy transfer will be agreed in any specific timescale. Training providers will need to make businesses aware that registering the apprenticeships on the levy transfer register does not guarantee that a match will be found or funding will be secured.


6. Can I still claim government apprenticeship grants?

Access to a levy transfer in no way stops you from applying for any apprenticeship grant you may be eligible for.

7. What does the levy transfer cover?

A successful levy transfer covers 100% of the training costs of an apprenticeship for the full duration of the course. It does NOT cover other additional costs e.g. the salary of the apprentice.