Digital Enterprise

Support is available for eligible small and medium sized businesses to develop their digital capacity and thereby helping them increase their overall performance (competitiveness, productivity and profitability).

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What is Digital Enterprise?

Digital Enterprise is a business support programme which helps eligible, growth-focused businesses scale up and achieve digital transformation.

Digital Enterprise can support you with funding to invest in digital technologies and solutions, upgrade your broadband connection and bring new digital knowledge into the business.


What can I expect?

Digital Enterprise provides support in three key areas:

Digital Growth Vouchers – worth up to £12,500 we can assist with projects which look to digitally transform your business – this can include hardware and software, cyber security and cloud-computing.

Digital Connectivity+ Vouchers – worth up to £3,000 we can assist businesses in improving their internet connections to 30mbps, or to double the speed if the connection is already 30mbps. The voucher can also be used to buy routers, cabling, firewalls, and VoIP telephony.

Digital Knowledge Exchange - businesses can improve their knowledge and understanding of digital technology, digital marketing and website advice with access to over 100 videos in our webinar library.


Visit the Digital Enterprise for more information and to register your business for the support available


Call: 0113 336 8614




What businesses have to say about DKE:

“The DKE Meet the Experts are always excellent and offer high-quality experts who are willing to share their expertise with you and help your business grow.” – Debra Samuel

“The session on Digital Marketing was really informative, but there was a laid-back approach from the host which made it really easy going. We will definitely be attending more webinars, thank you” - Emily Parkinson, Propack Direct Mail

“This was great for understanding LinkedIn and how I can get the most out of it I thoroughly enjoyed the practical element to instantly apply knowledge learnt thank you.” - Joanna Baker

“I always look forward to Go Digital Live because it is a great opportunity for learning, inspiration and time to reflect and look forward to our marketing activities!” - Alex Lawler, DB3 Architecture

We are finding it a valuable resource. There is a wide variety of events which are communicated effectively and it's easy for us to book the events that are relevant to us. Thanks for all your work - much appreciated.

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