Business Enterprise Fund

Loans of between £500 and £250,000 are available for start-ups and existing businesses that have been turned down by high street banks

This fund lends money to businesses across North and West Yorkshire, including social enterprises, that are unable to access lending from banks. If your business falls into this category, you could be eligible for a loan of between £500 and £250,000.


The Business Enterprise Fund (BEF) exists to fill the funding gap for businesses that are unable to use the main sources of finance available. As well as other services, the Business Enterprise Fund provides loans of between £500 and £250,000 to businesses in West and North Yorkshire; both start-ups and existing businesses.

If you’re in your first 36 months of trading, you may qualify for a Start-Up Loan. If you’re an existing business, you can apply for a BEF business loan.

Am I eligible?

The Business Enterprise Fund lends to start-ups and existing companies that are based or do business in North or West Yorkshire and have been turned down by high street banks.

The maximum term of BEF loans is five years, and the actual term is determined by the amount borrowed and the cash-flow forecast. The BEF considers applications from businesses that don’t have any capital - please check check the Business Enterprise Fund website for the full criteria.

How to apply

Visit the Business Enterprise Fund's website to apply online.

Get in touch for advice or support

Get in touch with our Business Support Service and we can help you find the right support for your business needs. You can call us on 0113 348 1818 or email us for more information.