Leeds City Region in China

Leeds City Region has made an annual trip to China for the past four years, to build on the strong existing relationships with key regions in China and develop new partnerships.

Leeds City Region’s activity in China is focused on a small number of geographic locations in order to best utilise resources to deliver real impact and achieve success in the form of trade and inward investment activity.

By continuously connecting with key targets in a number of identified geographies, we can steadily raise the profile of the City Region’s offer, specifically in relation to trade and inward investment, but also in tourism and education. Creating greater awareness of Leeds City Region’s key strengths and assets will also attract interest from China in our schools, universities, and visitor economy offer.

Our activity to date has focussed on Hangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai and Hong Kong. There are strong existing links between these cities and parts of the City Region, including major investments from businesses headquartered in these Chinese cities and increasingly strong civic and business links.

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