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The GROWTHmapper process enabled us to do a root and branch analysis of our processes to examine what is needed and what is most important. This has allowed us to focus on the priority areas including full product identification and traceability which is new to the industry.

GROWTHmapper - The market leading SME business diagnostic tool

GROWTHmapper is the critical part of the initial assessment phase of the support delivered to companies at the start of their journey on the programme.

What is GROWTHmapper?

GROWTHmapper is the UK’s leading SME business diagnostic tool that has been created and developed by Oxford Innovation Services. It consolidates 25 years’ experience of nurturing successful high growth businesses. Over the last 10 years, it has been used by 30,000 businesses on national and regional business support programmes and underpins the development of their plans that have led to positive changes and business growth.

It is a fully on-line platform and can be completed by up to eight members of an SME’s Senior Management Team. Each person answers around 90 questions (that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete) on key business areas including strategy, cash, sales, leadership, operations, access to finance, operations, people and skills and innovation.

The subsequent reports that are generated provide valuable insights into the SME’s perceived strengths. A series of graphical outputs are generated to provide a visual representation of the alignment of the SMT’s perspectives on where the business is strong and where possible improvements are required.

These form the focal point for a facilitated discussion, led by a Strategic Growth Manager, which will illuminate the agreed business support needs of the SME and builds the foundation for a strategic pathway to their identified objectives.

Features Benefits of GROWTHmapper

  • Market leading tool that has been developed over 10 years and delivered to 30,000 businesses
  • A comprehensive business diagnostic tool specifically designed for SMEs
  • 100 simple questions that focus on 15 key areas of business
  • Flexible use that means it can be completed on-line or face to face
  • Can be completed by up to 8 members of your senior team
  • Takes just 15 minutes to complete
  • Results in a thorough report that allows you to benchmark your business against A, B or C rated businesses

Benefits of GROWTHmapper

  • Detailed reports produced instantly
  • Allows the Senior Management Team to better understand what is working well and where there are opportunities for improvement and development
  • Prompts constructive discussions about the business amongst the Senior Management Team
  • An opportunity to analyse the current state of the business
  • Opportunity to gauge the level of alignment in the perception of the business by the Senior Management Team and get them 'on the same page'

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