Your growth story - turning strategy into success

Wednesday 28 October. How to create a strategy that maps out how to achieve business success.

Your growth story. Turning strategy into success

It is essential that your business has a clear and compelling road map that outlines how you will get from where you are now to where you want to get to. Ideally, it may also address some of the unavoidable challenges that occur when you scale up a business at high speed.

It’s one thing having the ambition to go for growth, it’s quite another to create a simple strategy that maps out how this will be achieved. It’s fair to say that the more ambitious the strategy, the more it will be scrutinised and challenged by others including potential funders. They will understandably want to know that there is the optimum balance of market potential and measured risk plus a proven team that can execute on time and budget.

This session will be led by Steve Young, Director at Winning Pitch, and Scaleup Consultant.


Wednesday 28 October, 2 pm - 3:30 pm

What can I expect?

  • Growth demands you to stand back to see the bigger picture. We will show you how to identify what your business is better at doing than your competitors, and the trends and changes in your industry that will create opportunities
  • Three ways to unlock your blue ocean strategy - how to create a strategy in which you don’t compete with your competitors
  • The 3-Year Visioning Orbit - the proven powerful technique to develop and present your business’ 3-Year Vision.
  • Single Page Strategic Plan - the classic one-year format that displays both your 'whats' and 'hows' together in what is in effect your blueprint for success.


This event is delivered by Winning Pitch on behalf of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, Investment Readiness programme. 

The programme offers a package of support to help businesses to understand the full range of finance options and products currently available, as well as support then to find the ones most suitable for their business.

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