Creating an investable business plan and understanding funding options

Wednesday 4 November. Get started on your journey to being investment-ready.

Creating an investable business plan and understanding funding options


Wednesday 4 November, 1 pm - 3 pm

What can I expect?

  • What are the bank funding options in the market? This session outlines the bank funding landscape, taking in the main players and other viable bank funding options available to SMEs. You will begin to understand what might be best for your business situation, including whether bank or investor funding is the most appropriate.
  • How to Business Plan on one Page - Understand your business goals, strategies and actions, and be able to articulate them on one page. You will come out of this session with a written plan on a page which provides the framework for your business direction and becoming Investment Ready.

This session will be led by Simon Palmer (Partner) and Paul Ellison, (Commercial Director) at accountancy firm, Garbutt & Elliott, and provides practical support in driving your business forward. 1-2-1 support will also be available to eligible SMEs following this session


This event is delivered by Winning Pitch, in partnership with Garbutt + Elliott on behalf of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, Investment Readiness programme. 

The programme offers a package of support to help businesses to understand the full range of finance options and products currently available, as well as support then to find the ones most suitable for their business.

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