Business Innovation

Thursday 26 November. Practical Strategies to help you develop and implement innovation in your business.

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Practical tactics for business innovation

Are you considering innovation in your business, but not sure where to start? This webinar will help you to understand what areas of your business may need innovating by understanding and defining your existing business model, and any areas that may have changed as a result of market conditions.


Thursday 26 November, 9 am - 11 am

What can I expect?

  • A process to identify and understand the external forces that have led to these changing market condition
  •  The types of innovation you could deploy 
  • A step by step process of the innovation cycle and process
  • Well-known innovation tactics to encourage you to stretch your business model thinking

Learning objectives:

  • An understanding and knowledge of external forces and how they can affect a business
  • An ability to define the existing model and an ability to identify where that business model may need innovating
  • Knowledge of different types of innovation possibilities
  • Frameworks to apply in innovation
  • Creative thinking in business model innovation.
  • Knowledge of a step by step approach to innovation in business


This webinar is delivered by Greenborough Management Limited on behalf of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, Business Resilience Programme.