A team that executes every time

Thursday 1 October. How to convince a funder that you can convert your strategic intent into an operational reality.

A team that executes every time


Thursday 1 October, 9 am - 10:30 am

What can I expect?

For investors, the management team responsible for executing a strategy influences which businesses they chose to work with. So how do you give confidence to investors that you will make it happen?

This webinar will cover proven techniques including;

  • three big reasons why investors are naturally sceptical of your ability to execute on our plan
  • a focus on the vital few objectives rather than the many trivial many
  • the GOT planning template to schedule activities and resources at a more granular level, so they get done.
  • performance dashboards - how to create a highly visual scoreboard featuring leading and lagging measures to keep you on track
  • How to create a high-performance culture such as how to develop a team keeping each other on track plus a proven model for those difficult 1-2-1 performance conversations


This event is delivered by Winning Pitch on behalf of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, Investment Readiness programme. 

The programme offers a package of support to help businesses to understand the full range of finance options and products currently available, as well as support then to find the ones most suitable for their business.

For more information, visit the-lep.com/investmentready