A compelling growth move

Thursday 17 September. How the most successful leaders assess potential and risks when selecting their next big opportunity.

A compelling growth move


Thursday 17 September, 9 am - 10:30 am

What can I expect?

Investors want to be confident that the leader has followed a reasonably rigorous process, assessing both potential and risks, that has logically led to the proposed growth move. This webinar will cover proven techniques including;

  • Tell me why you selected that product/market strategy? - why curating and presenting your rationale is crucial to pricking an investor’s interest
  • Mapping your customers' 'jobs to be done' - best practice technique to identify fresh opportunities with both existing and new customers
  • The High Growth Opportunity Assessment Map - a proven approach to map out your growth ideas into 'moon shots', 'goldmines', and 'easy wins' to show a potential investor your growth ideas portfolio


This event is delivered by Winning Pitch on behalf of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, Investment Readiness programme. 

The programme offers a package of support to help businesses to understand the full range of finance options and products currently available, as well as support then to find the ones most suitable for their business.

For more information, visit the-lep.com/investmentready