Hong Kong the gateway to China

We caught up with Jo Lavan, CEO, ConnectChina, who in Hong Kong for the event to find out how it provides a place to find new solutions to big problems for a better future for the UK, Hong Kong and China.

Why is Hong Kong such an important market?

ConnectChina will visit the GREAT Festival in Hong Kong with a number of other businesses from the Northern Powerhouse. Having recently returned from China alongside the Prime Minister’s three-day visit at the end of January, I understand the importance of being part of such events and activities with ministerial support which raises the profile of UK business overseas.

What do you think the biggest opportunity is for Leeds City Region businesses in Hong Kong and China?

Both Hong Kong and mainland China represent a great opportunity for Leeds City Region businesses in terms of both trade and investment. Hong Kong is an important gateway to mainland China and a great starting point for companies new to the market. And it is also a great location for more experienced companies to use Hong Kong as their hub to serve other South East Asian markets.

Participating in the GREAT Innovation Festival is an excellent opportunity for Leeds City Region businesses to develop their business in the region and take advantage of excellent networking opportunities.

What would you like to showcase in Hong Kong to the Chinese market?

ConnectChina Ltd is a specialist international consultancy providing business support services to help both public and private sectors in the UK & overseas develop trade and investment opportunities with China. We are currently working with a number of technology businesses in artificial intelligence and life sciences in particular and we are looking forward to identifying new opportunities and expanding our networks at day one focusing on 'work', and day two 'live' of the festival. Both days of the festival are very relevant to our business and clients.

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