Innovative minds: be part of the Innovation Framework for Leeds City Region

As we prepare to launch our Innovation Framework in 2021, which sets out the ambitions for Leeds City Region over the next five years, we are inviting you to share your feedback in our new survey.

As we prepare to launch our Innovation Framework in 2021, which sets out the ambitions for Leeds City Region over the next five years, we are inviting you to share your feedback in our new survey. In these unprecedented times, now more than ever, we seek to plan for the future and build an inclusive and sustainable economy. 

Innovation means different things to different people and it’s a difficult word to pin down. Ultimately, innovation is doing things differently to improve things. 

Everybody innovates. As individuals if we do something new, different and better in our day-to-day life, we are innovating. As a business if we implement a new CRM system to improve efficiencies or produce new healthcare solutions as a direct result of a pandemic, we are innovating.  

Innovation is key to economic growth and forms part of the Economic Recovery Plan developed by the West Yorkshire Economic Recovery Board, helping to build an inclusive and sustainable economy for the future and post-COVID. 

Supporting the economic recovery 

It is more important than ever that we look at how innovation can help businesses to survivand support the longer-term economic recovery, how we can instil an innovative mindset in everyone and how we can bring new ideas to reality. 

From businesses embracing an online platform to move to online sales, to developing Healthtech solutions to support people through lockdown and the pandemic, the possibilities are endless and the call to action has never been so strong.  

Innovation for everyone 

Our ambition is for Leeds City Region to be a place for inspiration, for people to thrive and collaborate, to support and develop new ideas so we are a region where innovation happens, we move forward, and we help each other.  

Yet defining innovation is difficult, it means different things to different people. Following a recent poll asking how people describe innovation the most popular words were things like: 

  • Creativity 
  • New 
  • Change 
  • Improve 
  • Collaboration 
  • Different 
  • Beneficial 

Shape the future of innovation 

Innovation for everyone is our proposed framework that will shape the future of innovation and innovation support iLeeds City Region 

The purpose of the Innovation Framework:  

  • Drive a new focus on innovation to support Covid-19 recovery  
  • To respond to the increased importance of innovation in both our immediate economic recovery (survival, diversification and adaption) and long-term economic resilience (including our longstanding productivity issues) 
  • It will drive our ambitions to increase diversity and inclusion in innovation and achieve our net zero commitments 
  • Provide a framework for partners to come together and support activity and investment in innovation across Leeds City Region  

The framework is the beginning of a journey to achieve a common set of ambitions. 11 priorities are outlined in the framework covering what we will do, how we will do it and what results are anticipated. 

Andrew Wright, chair of the Business Innovation Growth Panel, commented: “We want to inspire the people in our region to engage in the innovation process, whether it’s helping to shape where innovation happens, to spot those who are unknowingly innovating or how people can benefit from the outcome of innovation. We’re building a region where innovation is by – and for – everyone.”

The Innovation Framework summary can be reviewed here, or you can view the pre-consultation resultsand evidence base separately. We are inviting everyone to share their views from both a business and individual perspective - complete the survey and any additional comments to our online board. 

The survey closes on 23rd December 2020. 

Innovation support 

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can access innovation support for your business, please visit our Innovation page 

The LEP’s Business Support Service helps businesses to navigate what innovation support is available. Acting as the vehicle and independent broker service, our team of Innovation Growth Managers can connect and partner businesses with the right support for your project. 

Andrew Wright, chair of the Business Innovation and Growth Panel, commented: “We’re building a region where innovation is by – and for – everyone.”