Innovation for everyone

As we prepare to launch our Innovation Framework in 2021, which sets out the ambitions for Leeds City Region over the next five years, we are inviting you to share your feedback in our new survey.

What if there were no boundaries to our thinking, no limitations on the possibility, an environment where we can apply our wild ideas and just create, make, try, fail and do it all again?

What if we embraced the ongoing discovery and quest for creating something new and improved, something that solves a problem and makes things better? What if it was accessible to everyone?

Where innovation happens

This is the ambition for innovation across the Leeds City Region. A place for inspiration, for people to thrive and collaborate, to support and nurture new ideas in a region where innovation happens, we move forward, and we help each other.

We are in extremely unique and difficult times, and throughout the pandemic it remains challenging to look too far ahead, as we adapt to new ways of working.

However, now is also the time to plan and decide what we want the future to look like.

Shape the future of innovation activities

Innovation for everyone is the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s proposed framework that will shape the future of innovation and innovation support in the Leeds City Region.

Across the region, we are inviting thoughts, feedback and discussion of how we can encourage, inspire and help people and in turn, businesses, to innovate and support a sustainable future.

The survey closes on 23rd December 2020.

Innovation support

Connecting Innovation helps businesses to navigate what innovation support is available. Acting as the vehicle and independent broker service, our team of Innovation Growth Managers can connect and partner businesses with the right support for your project. Whether it’s research, advisory support or funding, you can learn more about our innovation support here.