Advisory panels and groups

These panels and groups bring together private sector experts and leaders from business and the public sector to advise our LEP Board and drive progress forward across our key areas of work

The advisory panels and groups bring together private sector experts and leaders from business and the public sector to advise our LEP Board and drive progress forward across our key areas of work. They help guide the development of policy and project delivery; ensuring business-led economic growth is at the core of everything we do.

Information on meeting papers and minutes can be found here.

Business Innovation and Growth panel

This industry-led panel, made up of businesses, universities, policy-makers and delivery partners, ensures that our work is driven by the needs of business. The panel oversees projects that will realise the region’s economic potential by strengthening our global competitiveness, encouraging innovation and enterprise and unlocking small business growth.

Membership of the Business Innovation and Growth Panel

Business Investment panel

This panel is a subcommittee of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Investment Committee. It is made up of representatives from the public and private sectors. The make-up of the panel has been designed to provide a balance of expertise and democratic accountability.

The panel ensures that all applications for financing from the LEP are appraised in a robust and transparent way. Applications are considered by this panel first, before recommendations are made to the Investment Committee for endorsement. The final, endorsed applications are then considered by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority itself.

Membership of the Business Investment Panel.

Employment and Skills panel

This panel brings employers together with local authorities and skills providers. They oversee projects to address skills gaps in the city region's key industry sectors, and create local leadership that drives improvements in skills and employment. Their work is driven by the needs of employers and the region's economy.

Membership of the Employment and Skills Panel

Green Economy panel

This panel is a joint partnership between local government and private sector businesses in the region. They oversee projects that are helping to develop a cutting-edge energy infrastructure for the region that will drive innovation and contribute to business growth. Their main objective is to achieve a substantial and continued decrease in carbon emissions, while also increasing economic output and employment.

Membership of the Green Economy Panel

Inclusive Growth and Public Policy panel  

This panel was established to support the LEP Board and Combined Authority's ambition to secure inclusive growth.

Membership of the Inclusive Growth and Public Policy Panel

Place panel  

This panel is the successor to the Land and Assets Panel. The panel's aim is to develop strategic housing and regeneration policy, fulfil 'duty to cooperate' requirements around local planning and achieve a more integrated 'place based' approach to how public assets in the Leeds City Region are used to support economic growth. 

Membership of the Place Panel

Business Communications Group

This group is made up of spokespeople from key business representative organisations in the City Region. They play an active role in supporting business growth in the region by helping to coordinate effective communications between the LEP and the business community. They also act as an advisory group to the LEP Board; consulting with their members on barriers to growth and ensuring businesses are at the heart of everything we do.

Meet the group

  • Chair and SME Representative: Joanna Robinson, Mansfield Pollard
  • Wim Batist, Calderdale & Kirklees Manufacturing Alliance (CKMA)
  • Malcolm Bingham, Freight Transport Association
  • Paula Denison, The Social Enterprise Support Centre Ltd
  • Stuart Flack, Electronics Yorkshire
  • Martin Hathaway, Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Chris Manners, The Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Robert McClements, CDI-Print Yorkshire
  • John Millichap, National Federation of Builders
  • Liz Needleman, Business in the Community
  • Natalie Sykes, IoD Yorkshire
  • Leigh Taylor, Lloyds Bank
  • Louise Tearle, Leeds City College
  • Janet Thornton, Yorkshire Food Farming and Rural Network (YFFRN)
  • Andrew Tuscher, EEF
  • Lyndsey Whitaker, FSB (West Yorkshire)
  • Geoff White, RICS North

West Yorkshire Combined Authority

We also work in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to deliver our Strategic Economic Plan.  See more information about how we work with the Combined Authority.


To secure independent and external scrutiny of decisions, the Combined Authority’s statutory Overview and Scrutiny Committee is responsible for scrutinising the activities and decision-making of the LEP. The Committee operates strictly in accordance with Scrutiny Standing Orders.

The Committee may produce independent reports and make recommendations on any matter considered by the LEP or relating to LEP governance. It may also review or scrutinise any Combined Authority decision in its role as accountable body for the LEP. Further details on the LEP’s agreement with the Combined Authority (as Accountable Body) in respect of scrutiny arrangements are set out in the Assurance Framework. The LEP may also seek input from the Committee on any issue relating to policy and strategy development.