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Shafiq Khan Partner at BHP
22nd March 2019

Shafiq Khan Partner at BHP

“The LEP Growth Service team talk me through what’s available and whether it’s right for my client. They are easy to work with and I would not hesi...

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Resource efficiency

Lowering carbon emissions, while taking advantage of innovations in renewable energy to create jobs and growth, is a core element of our plan to transform the Leeds City Region economy. 

We're focusing on two main areas of activity to achieve our goal of becoming a resource efficient City Region:

  • supporting businesses and residents to become more resource efficient and reduce their energy bills
  • developing a 21st century low-cost local energy infrastructure, building on our region's energy assets

Project and programmes currently underway include:


Grant funding and support to help small and medium-sized businesses in Leeds City Region identify and invest in measures to become more resource efficient.

The Fund will launch in February 2017. Businesses looking to find out more can contact us to express an initial interest.

District heat programme

Working in partnership with local councils and other partners, we are undertaking initial work on nine district heat network opportunities in Leeds City Region which have the potential, once completed, to provide low cost heat to over 1,100 businesses while saving millions of tonnes of carbon. Opportunities are available for commercial investors looking to generate financial and environmental returns. Find out more

Better Homes

Help is available to businesses and residents to install energy efficiency and heating improvements in their homes and places of work through the Better Homes programme. Supported by the LEP, working in partnership with councils and the private sector, the Better Homes programme has the potential to improve over 12,000 privately owned or rented homes over the first three years of the programme, reducing energy bills and carbon emissions.

To find out more, visit the Better Homes website.

The following project is currently in development:

Energy accelerator

This programme will provide grant funding and specialist expertise to help public and private sector organisations in Leeds City Region develop low carbon local energy projects. It will help projects get off the ground, providing technical support and advice along the journey from concept to investment-ready proposition.

Want to grow your business?

Find out more about the business support available from the LEP, or find support from other local and national organisations. Alternatively, you can contact our business growth team at: BusinessGrowth@the-lep.com

Business support and finance

Not sure where to start? Don't worry. Just get in touch with our business growth team and we can help you find the right support for your business needs.