The UK is leaving the EU. Leaving the EU means your business or organisation may need to prepare for change. A number of websites and resources are available to help businesses.

General information about EU Exit

The Government has information for businesses to help them prepare for exiting the EU. The Government’s main Prepare for EU Exit site has information for individuals, UK nationals in the EU and EU citizens in the UK, as well as information explaining the Brexit deal.

In addition, a tool has been developed for businesses to help prepare for the EU Exit. There are seven questions to answer covering key business operation areas that will be impacted. You can find it online here.

The British Chambers of Commerce has produced a downloadable Brexit for business checklist.

HMRC’s Employer Bulletin has published an EU Exit edition giving up-to-date information on payroll topics.

Leaving without a deal

There is also information on if the UK leaves the EU with no deal and downloadable step-by-step guides from HMRC to preparing for a 'no deal' EU exit in terms of importing and exporting.

The Government has help and support for traders if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. This includes how to get a UK EORI number to trade within the EU and registering for simplified import procedures if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

HMRC has published a video webinar and online guide detailing key areas businesses need to be aware of in order to keep trading with the EU in case of a no deal EU Exit. HMRC’s Online Customer Forum also contains information and questions from other businesses that you may find helpful.  

We also have a number of checklists and additional information for you to read.

More support for businesses

Get plenty of information on the types of grants available and how and when to apply for them.

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The proposed impact of Brexit on the UK economy

Get the headlines from the reports that matter about forecasting for a post-Brexit era.

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Download Brexit checklists

We have a number of Brexit checklists to help you prepare. All available to download as a PDF.

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1th August 2018

£2,000 grant for West Yorkshire and York businesses to recruit an apprentice

A £2,000 grant for West Yorkshire and York businesses to recruit an apprentice

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