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13th September 2018

Leeds City Region strengthens trade ties to Qingdao

Leeds City Region has further enhanced its ability to trade with China through a series of agreements to stimulate trade with the port city of Qingdao, which has a GDP of one trillion yuan, is home to nine million people and is well known for producing Tsingtao beer.

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11th May 2017

Let's talk... selling to China

What are the current digital consumer trends in China? Find what you need to know to sell to China from specialist Hailing Yu.

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how big is the opportunity?

  • The user base of Chinese online shoppers reached 467 million in 2016, with 40% buying international products
  • Kaola accounts for 21.6% of China’s cross-border shopping market (the largest market share, next is Tmall Global (Alibaba) with 18.5%)
  • Kaola sells over 5,000 brands from more than 80 countries
  • 109 million middle class in China in 2015 – 11% population
  • Kaola.com are a trusted partner and provider of quality goods, with the highest customer satisfaction ratings in China
  • According to recent research by Kaola, 72% of Chinese consumers are interested in exploring new niche brands

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18rd September 2018

Cultural and academic exchange between Bradford and Qingdao

Our China trade delegation visited the city of Qingdao on the east coast of China. We talk to Bradford and Qingdao movers and shakers to find out about the connections between the two cities and how it is benefitting Bradford and the wider region.

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5rd September 2018

Leeds City Region takes trade and investment delegation to China and Hong Kong

Leeds City Region is taking a senior trade and investment delegation to China to accelerate investment relationships with the second largest economy in the world.

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Simple explanation: NetEase Kaola.com = Yahoo, EA Games and Gmail in one

  • Why Yahoo – NetEase is the biggest internet platform
  • Why EA Games – NetEase are the world’s highest earning mobile games publisher
  • Why Gmail – 163.com (owned by NetEase) is the biggest email provider in China, with over 800 million registered users
  • Promotional advantage, search optimisation and low risk! 
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